Watt Steam Engine

History of Engineering – Renaissance Era

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First pioneers before the modern times. The first electrical engineer is considered to be William Gilbert, with his 1600 publication of De Magnete, who was the originator of the term „electricity“.[6] The first steam engine […]

Slovakia fair

Engineering Fairs and Slovakia

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Slovakia is a small country with cheap labor and most important economic force is the automotive industry. The country needs investment in utilities, research and service improvements. Slovak engineering industry already in crisis period was […]

Future of Engineering

Future of Engineering

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On the technical side, today’s engineering education seems stuck in the past. Lessons are too based on books. We say less theory and more practising. We need ability to invent, design, and create new products, […]

Climate policy

Slovakian representatives of heavy industry about climate

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Slovak metallurgists, geologists and miners called on the European institutions to not jeopardize European climate legislation, that the Slovak competitiveness. Industrialists, however, the idea of ​​combating climate change support. Association of Metallurgy, Mining Industry and Geology […]