IEFN 2013

SUB-EXHIBITIONS of the Nitra fair:

EUROWELDING 2013 19th international exhibition of welding and technologies for welding and cutting operation placement: pavilion M5 and on outer area M5 participation of companies: 23 exhibitors, 10 represented companies

CAST – EX 2013 19th international exhibition of casting and metallurgy placement: pavilion C and the outer area E participation of companies: 22 exhibitors

CHEMPLAST 2013 17th international exhibition of plastics and chemistry for engineering placement: pavilion M4 participation of companies: 38 exhibitors, 31 represented companies

EMA 2013 13th international exhibition of electrical engineering, measurement and automation placement: pavilion F participation of companies: 35 exhibitors, 20 represented companies

TECHFORUM 2013 1st year presentation of research and development centers of colleges and technical universities under auspices of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport Dusan Caplovič placement: pavilion A participation: 12 faculties of technical universities in Slovakia

ELECTRON 2013 1st year exhibition of producers of electrical components and equipments placement: pavilion B participation of companies: 16 exhibitors, 1 represented company


Quality and Reliability of Technical Systems , scientific conference

New Trends in Design and technical documentation creation 2013, scientific conference

ELEKTRON 2013, nationwide conference

Let’s support the Slovak engineering, conference

ENGINEERING 2013, International Engineering Cooperation Day

New Trends in provision of safety and reliability of electric installations, seminar

Skills competitions: Competition of motorized vehicles drivers, Academy for young drivers 2013

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